Photos and Review by Barry Lindenmuth jr

Grimes and headliner Lykke Li rocked a sold out crowd at the TLA Monday night May 19th.  I’m almost sure people were watching the show from the sidewalk outside. I’ve been to the TLA a few times and have never seen it this packed.  So the energy from the crowd and the awesome music by the two ladies made for a great night in Philly!

When Montreal based Claire Boucher, aka “Grimes”  took the stage I was kinda unsure who she was. In the past I had heard a few songs of hers that I enjoyed, so I was definitely ready to hear some more. Injecting many different types of synthetic sounds and at times singing in French, (I think it was French) it was definitely an impressive set to catch. At times taking a swig of her “Pabst Blue Ribbon”, Grimes did a great job warming up the crowd for Lykke Li. There couldn’t have been a better act to open the show!

I’m most familiar with Lykke Li from her song “Possibility” from the movie Twilight . So I was stoked when I heard she was gonna be in town. When Lykke took the stage the crowd was already at a fever pitch. Her first song of the night “Jerome”was a great way to begin. The smooth beat gave the crowd a taste of what was to come.  Lykke sang many songs from her new CD Wounded Ryhmes, which the crowd knew every single word to. The energy she puts into every word she sings is unlike any I’ve seen. So of course her hour set flew by, but the crowd wouldn’t let her go! And being the great performer she is, Lykke didn’t let her fans down. She came back hit us with “Youth Knows No Pain” and finished off the night with “Unrequited Love” . I was so impressed by the way she captivated each person in the room, making them feel like she was singing the song to just them.