For New York based singer-songwriter, Marc Berger, creating the soon to be released album Ride has become almost a life’s work. The record is based on his impressions of being a city boy out west. “I spent some time out there and the place really resonated with me. I think my sense of being out there, the sky, the mountains, was different than somone who grew up out there. There is such a mythology about the American West.”

This myth has been represented in books and movies and certainly in the work of painter, sculptor, Frederick Remington. But never has there been a record album that has tried to re-create that myth. “It came to me that this is what I needed to do and so came the songs that make up Ride.”

When I listen, I hear John Prine-ish story telling and the kind of aural space you might find on a Chris Whitley record. The aural ‘space’ was something Marc worked hard to create. “I figured it would be too difficult to try to explain to an engineer what I was looking for, so I learned to do it myself. Laborius work but rewarding. A model of what I was trying to do could be found in the first couple Band albums. Here you had a group of musicians mostly Canadian, except for Levon, making the soundtrack to an envisioned American South.” Ride, is down to the crucial mastering stage. “I don’t want to lose the wide open textures I was able to create in the studio.”

Marc performs songs from Ride in Philadelphia Thursday as part of the inaugural to the Philly Film and Music Fest.