Just weeks before releasing his newest album, Singer Songwriter, local talent Matt Duke won the TSI Music Award for Emerging Indie Singer/Vocalist. With that in mind, I recently listened to Singer Songwriter in its entirety.

Here in this album, we have Duke’s clear and honest voice, the gentle strumming of guitar, thoughtful and poetic lyrics, contained in ten heartfelt songs ranging in topic from fear, grief, lament, search for truth, and finding one’s true self. Duke’s songs are full of emotion and they really require you to give them your full attention. Like a good friend, sitting on your couch, pouring out their heart; you must listen attentively.mattduke

Also in this album, it seems as if Duke was experimenting with some electronic beats and synth-like sounds. Many of the songs on Singer Songwriter have a slightly electro-pop sound. As in life as well as art, if you are searching for your true self, you try different things and see what feels right.

One of the stand-out tracks on this album for me was “Behold” a song that starts slowly with a thin beat and then expands into a prog-rock sound, Duke’s voice soaring above the synthesizer.

[LISTEN] Matt Duke “Like High School”


Another stand-out was the pop rock sound of “Like High School”, a cautionary tale of how life really doesn’t change all that much after high school, and all the same cliques you encountered then, you will surely meet again.

I found this album to be one that I liked more with each consecutive listen; it wasn’t an instant favorite for me. But I can tell you that Matt Duke’s songs are like modern poetry, and that he is a very talented songwriter. For fans of Matt Duke, Singer Songwriter will surely satisfy their love of his music.

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