Matthew Herbert will release the much-anticipated album, One Pig, on October 11, 2011 on his Accidental Records label.

The album, made entirely from recordings of a modern pig’s life cycle from birth to plate, aims to listen in on a single farm animal’s life in the context of an otherwise-anonymous food chain.

Herbert will present a live version of the record at London’s Royal Opera House in early September, as part of Mike Figgis’s Just Tell The Truth festival. A full album launch will happen later in London in early October.

The project has already generated much media interest and some controversy. PETA rushed to condemn One Pig as making “entertainment” from animal cruelty, apparently without first checking key details about Herbert’s intention and methods, and there is a Facebook campaign attempting to prevent the release of the record

One Pig track listing:

1. August 2009

2. September

3. October

4. November

5. December

6. January

7. February

8. August 2010

9. May 2011