I don’t know too many people who have heard of Alela Diane. My first listen was two, maybe three years ago when I stumbled upon one of her most notable songs, ‘White as Diamonds.’ Her sound is a mix of a psychedelic folk, and soulful blues. Her last album, About Farewell came out last year, and hopefully she has another album in mind soon. Her voice has a hint of the early folk Queen; Joni Mitchell.


photo credit: unknown

Diane, now 31 has released five albums.  And has been currently doing small shows on the West coast. There hasn’t been much about her recently in any music news, as she is currently raising her child. Be sure to take a listen to her last album, About Farewell. In an interview last year, she stated, “ I made it because I needed to make it. As an artist, whatever you’re singing about, people will take from what they will. Throughout history, there have been many breakup records, and everybody goes through that shit. Everybody breaks up. It can be very therapeutic for listeners to hear others say something they couldn’t say themselves” [FRONTIER PSYCHIATRIST].



The album was done as therapy it seems. She got divorced from her husband around the time, and felt the need to write these songs.  Although she was involved with her band at the time she was writing her songs, she knew it needed to be her own album, “My ex-husband toured with me and had collaborated with me on the previous record. We had just finished touring [2011’s Alela Diane & Wild Divine], and it didn’t feel appropriate to share these songs with the rest of the band. They’re still friends with my ex-husband, and I’m still friends with my ex-husband. I wasn’t gonna be like, “Hey, band, I kicked Tom out and I’m divorcing him, but do you wanna jam out on this really sad song about him?” It would have been a total faux pas.” Read the rest of her interview here.


And take a listen to DESIRE. Was made with her band Wild Divine.