Jon who is the creator and promoter for this weekend’s Meeting Of The Minds Festival in up state PA, just north of Scranton, has two full time jobs. One is being brainchild and driving force of JibberJazz productions, which has been putting on successful music festivals since 2005. The other is being a stay at home dad taking care of his seven month old daughter. He finds a few minutes to speak to me about JibberJazz and this weekend’s festival. The first thing I comment on is the great diversity of acts playing the show. You have local festival favorites such as, Cabinet, long time stalwarts such as, Jim Weider, and less seen acts such as, Dr. Didg, who hasn’t played many recent shows. There’s also newcomers like, Hymn For Her, a husband and wife duo who list their homebase as an old Airstream trailer, play homemade instruments and have one of the happy/silliest videos I have ever seen[check out their website].

“What makes this festival unique is that we focus on bringing, ‘out of market bands’, to the area so they can be heard,” says Jon. I ask him about the name JibberJazz. “It comes from when I was studying writing. The word ‘jibber’ refers to when a horse veers off course wildly. Jazz refers to jamming, music of the moment”.  Jon has always been a fan of music and has turned his passion into one of his two current vocations. Great work Jon! More info about the festival can be found at