Review and Photos by Barry Lindenmuth

Although it was a frigid night Nov 27th, and the fact that the bands had a 3 hour time limit at the Barbary…the Spring Standards, Joey Ryan Band, and headliner Meg and  Dia didn’t hold back with their performances. You could see the love they all have for each other, coming together to rock out on a few songs and cheering for each other louder then anyone else in the room.

The Spring Standards (James Cleare, James Smith, and lead singer, Heather Robb) hail from NYC. Their style could be called Bluegrass Pop, something I came up with because it seems to fit. Each member of the band sings, writes, and plays multiple instruments. At one point the lead guitarist played the trumpet. Their songs were energetic and catchy.  “Halcyon Days”, with its folky feel included a whistle solo. A great start to a great night of music.

Joey Ryan Band is comprised of 2 separate artists, Joey Ryan and Kenneth Pattengale, who brought their acoustic style all the way from sunny California. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen an act play acoustically, making this group a pleasure to watch. In a cool moment in between songs, Joey Ryan said, “your the best crowd we’ve had so far”, stemming from a rough night they had in North Jersey the day before.  “Broken Headlights”, a song about traffic, and heavy rain in LA was a major hit with the crowd.

Meg and Dia…sisters from St. George, Utah were highly anticipated. As soon as they went up for their sound check the crowd started to cheer.  And they did not  disappoint.  They started the night with their song, “The One”, a sweet an innocent song and a great way to begin their set. “Dreams Like Oceans”, brought all three groups together for a great jam session. Organized chaos would best describe it. But the sound was awesome!

The sisters played most of their new EP and mixed with a few of their old songs. “Roses”, was definitely a crowd favorite, as well as their cover of Tom Petty’s “American Girl”. A song we had all heard millions of times had the crowd singing and dancing together as one. At one point during the set, Dia the lead singer, joked about the name of their new EP, Its Always Stormy In Tillamook, which was loosely based on the show, Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but that “it’s not always sunny here…it’s actually freezing”.  Even with older sister Meg having trouble with her guitar, their set was flawless.

From the outset, the crowd seemed ready for a great show and these 3 bands delivered!  They even took time to sign autographs and take pictures with each individual fan who wanted one. Definitely one of my favorite shows!