Meghan Cary at The Flash:

Back in 1998 Billboard Magazine asked “can the world stand one more sensitive, storytelling troubadour?” Back then they answered “yes” and I’m glad they did. Meghan continued to work and perfect her skills. She opened for Jeffery Gaines at The Flash in Kennett Square on Friday, March 18, and her show was one of the best I’ve seen at this intimate venue.

Meghan was accompanied on keyboard by Perter Farrell who also doubles as her husband and occasional backup vocalist. The pair make a great duo, one supporting the other easily and seamlessly.

Meghan is a wonderful singer and storyteller. Her love and respect for people shows throughout her songs and her lyrics. Her songs range from poignant to frivolous. Her performance of “New Shoes”, a tune she recorded for her first CD in 1998, has evolved into a song that has meaning and tenderness with deeply felt emotion. The audience was still while she told us about those New Shoes.

Then there’s the “Dog Song”. A whimsical piece that had the audience howling like dogs along with her. It was a hoot, literally and figuratively.

Meghan is fun, she smiles and her exuberance is contagious. Visit her web site and check her schedule. See her if you can, you’ll enjoy every minute.