Photos and Review by Barry Lindenmuth jr

Lisa on drums and vocal, Lucille on guitar , and Sally on bass make up the Philadelphia based band September. These ladies opened the night with a with a short but rocking set. Complete with rocking guitar solos, and Lisa running through the crowd, they were a throwback to the rock and roll days of old. I really enjoyed this group and will be looking for more from them in the future.

Daniel Bell with his deep voice and acoustic guitar took the savage second and was a huge surprise. As soon as he sang his first note I was hooked. He sounds like a young Darius Rucker, and has the same fire when he belts out his songs!  I really enjoyed his song “Crazy About You”, a song about being love, and clearly about his girlfriend. The songs had an upbeat feeling, so no matter what they were about they still sounded great! I definitely see big things around the corner for him and his band!

When I met Michele Karmin a few months ago at a show she was doing in Cherry Hill I loved her voice.  A self taught player of the piano, with a mesmerizing voice, Michele Karmin is great performer. On this night Michele sang songs from her new CD Let Me Introduce Myself Again , and the Tin Angel was the perfect place. Her voice ,which already sounds great, sounded even better in the comfy confines of the Angel. Michele started off the night with “I Need”. A sultry song that shows off her vocal skills, as well as her piano skills. I’ve heard this song many times and love it more and more each time. As the night went on Daniel Bell joined Michele on stage for a couple songs including my favorite “Pulling on the String”. The two had jammed together a few times before, so it was only natural that he be a part of her big night. The crowd and I were lucky to see the two make beautiful music together. At the end of the night Michele thanked very single person in the room for being apart of helping her fulfill dreams. She shook every hand and signed every CD that was asked of her. Im glad I had the chance to meet her, and will definitely keep my ears open for more great music to come!