Continuing the Midsummer Meltdown recap Rich began, I can only say that Sat built on the energy that made Friday such a good day.  The sun rose to clear skies and it was a beautiful day – warm enough to send me for a walk in the woods and a swim in the creek.  The music kicked off mid morning with a kids music set by Dave Fry, followed on the main stage by afternoon sets from Rotten Belly Blues, Displaced Peoples, Dr. Slothclaw, and Seed.  The evening headliners were Cabinet, the Scranton based Bluegrass Jam Band (my description for my favorite PA bluegrass group), and Rubblebucket, an awesome eclectic group from New York, with great vocals, horns, funky beats, and very original songs.

The 2nd stage provided some much appreciated shade in a totally outdoor environment.  Mystery Fyre & The Backroad opened up the “Battle of the Band meets Collaboration” format which was used throughout the day.  Two bands would set up on stage, and a conductor would cue each band to take their turn, after which there would be some great playing together.  It was very much each band AND the other, not VERSUS the other – a very warm spirit and energy grew with each show.  Second on this stage was Agent Moosehead and Friends, then Dr. Slothclaw and Displaced Peoples, and finally The Big Dirty and Seed.

I would have to say that the festival really peaked with the Saturday headliners on the main stage and the Late Night show in the indoor JamHouse.  This was kicked off by Matuto and finished just before dawn with Consider The Source.  Both of thesebands were excellent fusions of musical styles.  Matuto is playing Brazilian music with bluegrass style, and CTS is playing Jazzy Funky metal edged jams with grooves that sound alternately middle eastern, calypso, and straight ahead rock.  Both amazing bands, not to be missed if you ever get the chance.

Sunday morning was the bittersweet packing up and heading out, but with some awesome music as the backdrop, and for those who could stay and enjoy a few more hours out on the concert field.  Painted Blue kicked it off in the morning, followed by West Philadelphia Orchestra in the early afternoon.

I would say this was overall an excellent smaller local festival with the family and friendly atmosphere that seems to make these weekends so much fun and so relaxing.  There were plenty of kids (young and old) raging all night, but everything was friendly, peaceful and fun.  Jibberjazz did a great job with organization, sound, setup, etc, and provided awesome entertainment, fireshows, collaborative art by Jeff Robinson and crew, and great vendors.  I can’t wait for Jibberjazz’s third fest of the season, Meeting of the Minds!