Arcade+Fire+375185Today the competition between the elusive eight of Y-Not Radio and iRadioPhilly’s “Modern Rock Madness” concluded. Here’s what happened in case you missed it;

The first division was the only one in the competition in which the top two seeded bands actually made it to the fantastic four. The match-up was between Radiohead, who were seeded first, and Arcade Fire, who were seeded second. The match ended with Arcade Fire coming out on top, but not by much. In the end the band was only able to pull ahead of Radiohead by two percent. Both bands put up a good fight but, of course, only one could win.

imagesThe second round, between The Pixies and David Bowie, eventually resulted in Bowie’s triumph over The Pixies. He was able to win over 10 percent of the crowd in order to secure his place in the fantastic four. The Pixies had a good run, beating both first-seed Jack White/The White Stripes and Beck, but ultimately succumbed to Bowie and understandably so. Bowie has a distinct advantage in the competition because of his widespread appeal, huge catalog of music, and recent release, The Next Day. These factors make Bowie a strong competitor for the championship.

Silversun Pickups have continued their impressive run, after beating Passion Pit, Muse, and Modest Mouse, today by coming out on top of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs by two percent. This was no small feat after the Yeah Yeah Yeahs eliminated first-seed band The Black Keys earlier today.

Tegan+and+Sara+Brooks+Reynolds+Photography+02They will have to out perform Tegan and Sara tomorrow after they were victorious in their fight against Death Cab For Cutie/Postal Service by 16 percent. Tegan and Sara have also had an impressive run, beating bands like last year’s champions Blur/Gorillaz and The Strokes. They seem to have a pretty solid fan base that just might take them all the way to victory.



So, in conclusion, tomorrow will start with the following match-ups…

Arcade Fire vs. David Bowie
Silversun Pickups vs. Tegan and Sara

Some really solid match-ups… Anything can happen tomorrow! Keep posted for the results of both the semi-finals and the finals tomorrow!