Well, it’s official, this year’s “Modern Rock Madness” champion is… posted below! (Did you think I would give it away so soon?) Congrats to all bands for a great competition this year!

Today marked the end of Y-Not Radio and iRadioPhilly’s “Modern Rock Madness 2013.”

Arcade Fire, David Bowie, Silversun Pickups, and Tegan and Sara battled one another in the competition today, providing a thrilling conclusion to the event. With such drastically different artists, it was difficult to predict who would come out on top and none of them were going down without a fight.

First, Arcade Fire had to go up against music legend David Bowie. It comes as little surprise that they wound up having a hard time with it and ultimately succumbed to Bowie’s tremendous fan-base and star power. However, they didn’t simply give up their title and instead fought hard until the bitter end, losing by a mere two percent of the vote.

Bowie’s competitor for the final would be between the Silversun Pickups and Tegan and Sara. Both bands had had impressive runs to this point; Silversun Pickups having beat Passion Pit, Muse, Modest Mouse, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs while Tegan and Sara eliminated Florence + the Machine, The Strokes, Death Cab For Cutie/Postal Service, and last year’s victors Blur/Gorillaz. There was many a time where it looked like they both had the odds stacked up against them and came out on top, so it was anyone’s guess who might win out of the two.
In the end, however, Tegan and Sara won the crowds favor, also by only two percent.

So who would win in the battle of David Bowie vs. Tegan and Sara?
On one hand, Bowie had his tremendous music catalog and lengthy career. He has been making music since 1962, been in numerous bands, and spanned tons of genres over his career. On top of this, he released an album this year which would up his odds.
On the other hand, Tegan and Sara also recently released a very well-received album and has been extensively touring for it. They have obviously gathered a significant number of dedicated fans, as their past results in the competition have proven.

There could only be one winner in the end, though, and it wound up being…


Tegan and Sara!

Tegan and Sara won in what wound up being an exact tie between them and Bowie. The tie was broken by a single text (the first to come in after the tie was announced,) and the deciding vote was for Tegan and Sara.

The band will join the likes of The Cure and Blur/Gorillaz as Modern Rock Madness champions.

Congratulations to Tegan and Sara as well as the rest of this year’s lineup for a great year!