Y-Not Radio is matching up rock bands and welcome listeners vote each day on who they think is the superior band for each battle.   The voting madnesss started on Monday at 9:00 AM, and continues until Friday at 3:00 PM.   You can vote at the site, or if you’re on the go and listening, text your votes to 267-293-YNOT.  Be sure to tweet and hashtag #ynotmadness on your picks throughout to stay in the loop!

Are you guys ready for some fantastic bands? If you are, then check out these four bands that will battle it out TOMORROW over at Y-Not Radio.  Here’s the breakdown of these four great bands!

Ben Folds has been takin’ down band after band as a (9) seed.  He’s found his way into the “Fantastic Four” by ousting Phoenix, Arcade Fire (by only 3 votes), Smashing Pumpkins, and LCD Soundsystem.  Being a (9) seed, Ben and his Five are the lowest seed left in the tournament.  He’s had a hell of a tourney as his most triumphant victory came to the dismay of indie-rock heavyweights Arcade Fire by the slimmest of margins.  His run just goes to show that Y-Not listeners appreciate equally poppy and  inventive music.

Ben Folds will be facing off against The White Stripes in the “Fantastic Four.”  The White Stripes a (2) seed are the highest seed in the “Fantastic Four.”  This band has had a huge impact on American music as “Seven Nation Army” blew up all over the place in 2003.  But The White Stripes are so much better than just that.  Remember “My Doorbell,” and “Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground?”  They really are an influential duo, and have always brought the power to modern rock.  Jack White’s a hero on that guitar, and definitely deserves to to be in the “Fantastic Four.”

Blur/Gorillaz: When I saw this on the bracket, I almost thought it was unfair.  Yeah, I know that Damon Albarn created Gorillaz and whatnot, but I swear each of these bands could have stood on their own in this tournament.  Blur gave us “Song 2.”  Gorillaz gave us “Clint Eastwood.”  Like I said, almost unfair.  Gorillaz released The Fall for free on Christmas, and it seems like Y-Not fans have reciprocated this gift by voting the (7) seed into the “Fantastic Four.”

Spoon:  Let me just start out by saying that Spoon’s one of my all time favorites.  They’ve been able to maintain both commercial viability and indie cred throughout the years as “The Underdog” became a radio mainstay in 2007, and “The Way We Get By” has become an angsty display of hipstery bliss since its 2002 inception.  An (8) seed, they’ve beaten out TV on the Radio, Lykke Li, Pearl Jam, and They Might Be Giants in order to gain a spot in the “Fantastic Four.”  Britt Daniel and crew scrapped their way into the “Fantastic Four,” and are poised to make the push into the championship match-up!


Congratulations to the 5 Winners of the Modern Rock Madness “Fantastic Four” Giveaway.  Each winner is receiving (2) Passes to the Nowadays Indie Music Festival & A copy of the TSI Music Awards Nominee Collection CD!

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