Native – first time visit to Flagstaff

We woke up in a sort of desolate area and got back on the road. We had to get our van’s alignment fixed and a new stereo because our old one quit and the long drives were getting longer. The drive was absolutely beautiful, I think we can all get used to this:

When we got to Flagstaff, our simple realignment of course turned into worn out ball joints, so we have to wait a day to get that fixed. The new stereo also ended up being way more, but we went through with it anyway considering the fact that it will pay off on the 16 hour drive we have coming up in a week or so.

The Orpheum Theatre is really rad but super overwhelming. We’re definitely used to playing moderate sized venues, and this is a new step:

Our sound check took a while to try to get things where we wanted, but we still have a lot to learn and figure out about translating our sound to such big rooms:

Right now Dan and I are sitting in a cool coffee shop called Macy’s waiting for our van’s ball joints to be fixed. After that we’ll be heading to the Vegas strip for tonight’s show. Hopefully we’ll see the Hoover Dam! To be continued.

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