Eric WaldMAN keyboardist from Natural Breakdown took a few minutes from his busy rehearsal schedule to fill me in about the band. I tell him that I noticed from the band’s web page that there are not a lot of dates booked for the summer, which is usually an active time for especially for jam bands with so many festivals taking place around the country.”We’ve been taking time working in our new guitarist Chris Duddy”, he tells me. “We plan to do more dates in the fall, we’d like to head out west again and will book more shows on the east coast as well. “Natural Breakdown’s home base is in Central Jersey, “near Princeton” ,Eric tells me,”we are on about 12 acres near there.” Like many bands under the “Jam Nation” umbrella the quartet features excellent musicianship and take’s it’s musical inspiration from many sources. Rock, Jazz, Gospel, World Beats; it’s all in the mix. Joined by bassist Gene Lantigua and drummer Vinnie Smith each member is part of the creation of the sound. There is also spiritual inspiration as well.”We are strongly into a sense of community and music as a source of healing. We sometimes will start shows with a period of  group mediation with the audience to raise consciousness and break down barriers. Another focus is cause. We try to raise awareness about social issues as well with our music”. Saturday, July 31st the band is part of  Jammin’ With The Animals in Leesport, PA. It is the second year for this event which raises money for humane shelters. I ask Eric if he is comfortable with the “Jam Band” moniker. “We are ok with it but there so different types of bands under that umbrella, we like to stretch out but our music does not solely consist of meandering solos.”  He  suggests I come up with a new name for the genre. No easy task I tell him but promise to work on it. For more info on this great band check out their website or better yet see them live on the 31st.