Tuesdays are a great day. It’s not a Monday PLUS we get tons of new music. Seems like a legit reason to be happy!


While today is only the US release of Kingdoms by Irish twins Heathers, it doesn’t make it any less exciting. These indie poppers bring a cool new tone and girl power. Their dueling voices give their music a bit of a Tegan and Sara feel. I like how they have this acoustic sound, but they aren’t folky, it’s refreshing from a lot of the folky music we hear today. Because we have received Kingdoms just a smudge bit late, the girls are actually already working on their third album!



Martina McBride is someone I’ve been listening to for as long as I can remember. I even own her Greatest Hits CD. Her 20+ years as a musician just goes to show that she is truly talented. While Everlasting is a collection of R&B and Soul covers, Martina makes them her own without cutting any of the original song’s beauty.

April 8, 2014

Avicii                                         True: Avicii by Avicii

Carlene Carter                          Carter Girl

Chuck Inglish                            Convertibles

Denney and the Jets                Mexican Coke

Donovan Wolfington                 Scary Stories You Tell In The Dark

EMA                                        The Future’s Void

Eric Hutchinson                        Pure Fiction

Heathers                                  Kingdom

James Durbin                          Celebrate

Joan Osborne                         Love and Hate

John Frusciante                       Enclosure

Martina McBride                      Everlasting

Merriment                                Sway

OFF!                                        Wasted Years

Paul Thomas Saunders           Beautiful Desolation

Pup                                         Pup

School of Language                Old Fears

SOHN                                     Tremors

Sweet Apple                           The Golden Age of Glitter

Greyhounds                            Accumulator

Tweens                                   Tweens

Young & Sick                          Young & Sick