A decade on from his last solo outing, Paul released a new album in April 2015.  HOLIDAY FROM ME was written and recorded across three continents, Australia, Europe and North America. “Music has always been my escape to a magic place, a world where I feel freedom, joy and all the pulses that the heart can create,” explains Paul, “I called the album HOLIDAY FROM ME because that is exactly what I was trying to do, escape to that magic place.”

“After working with female Diva-type vocalists for the last – um, every Paul Mac single, like ever,- I tried a little experiment. I had an idea for a song called ‘Anechoic’.

I was looking for a collaborator to bounce ideas off. One of my favourite whimsical vocalists is Tim Derricourt (Dappled Cities). We workshopped the concept and came up with a kind of choir of lovers leaving planet Earth, singing in space where no-one can hear you, but it feels good. Letting go and drifting into the unknown. Or something like that! It made sense at the time :)

I’ve been super excited about this song since we did it, so as a celebration of playing Splendour in the Grass I’m releasing it as a single in time for you to learn the sing-a-long bit so we can all sing-a-long together in a kind of “Glee Goes Indie Spectacular” stylee. I am super excited to have Tim singing it live with me during the set. It’s gonna be awesome.

Enjoy, and sing along!”   – Paul