Saturday October 9th, NYC – After a day of geeking out at the New York Comic Con(NYCC), I headed on over to Sullivan Hall for Rock Comic Con. Dubbing it’s self as NYCC’s After Party the evening was comprised of the Nerd Rock bands:  Kirby Krackle, H2Awesome!, Fortress of Attitude, Bedlam Rock, and special guest Rachel Bloom. The event also featured some artist drawing comic style portraites durring the show.

This being my first induction to the Nerd Rock genre in a live setting, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had delved into the genre through the normal venues, ie:) YouTube and iTunes, but even so I had to wonder how some of these catchy lyrics would cross over to a live performance.  My verdict on the matter…very well actually. I found the live performaces to be a well balanced in both music and volcal talent.

I think my biggest suprise was how well the musical talent played out as mainstream when performed live. Indead, music is music and when played well can be enjoyed by all, but being in the Nerd Rock catigory I guess I expected something different. Even when Nerdcore rapper, Adam WarRock, joined Kirby Krackle on stage for a few songs, which was very entertaining, I felt as if something was missing. It was as if even thought this was an event for the Nerd subculture, it somehow wasn’t actually being presented to said subculture.

Herein lies my biggest problem with the event. It seemed as if the crowd wasn’t actually filled with people from NYCC as much as it was just local’s and regulars who were treating it like a Holloween party. I may be wrong and I am sure there was some actual cross over, but I think it was very little. And this is in no fault to the venue’s hosting ability or the quality of music. Actually, I really liked Sullivan Hall and I would definately go back there for another show and the music was both well played and mixed. The true misstep lays elswhere.

Although it carries the self proclaimed title of NYCC After Party, it actually takes place durring NYCC’s real After Party the Cosplay Masquerade. The masquerade runs till a little after 11 and contains it’s own concert from musicians of the nerd culture and takes place on Saturday night every year. Of course this is followed by the actual masquerade. Now for those of you who don’t know what Cosplay i, it basically translates out to Costume Play and is a growing hobby in the subculture. Search YouTube for some footage from the con for nothing other than a good laugh if it’s not your thing.

This brings the question of how can this be solved? Easy. If Sullivan Hall would host Rock Comic Con on Friday evening and brand it as a Comic Con weekend opener party I think they would have more success. I know I for one would not leave the masquerade next year to go, but I would be inticed to go on Friday eve. All in all this was a good event hosted in a nice venue with great bands. If you’re not at the masquerade, this is where you should be!

David Moulton

-Photos by David Moulton