To celebrate the release of The 45 Homestead Project, Nicky Egan will be performing at the Underground Arts in Philly TONIGHT.

Doors open at 8 pm and show starts at 9 pm.

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Three ways to describe Nicky Egan’s voice: soulful, sultry, and silvery. Nicky Egan just released her compelling sophomore EP,The 45 Homestead Project, her debut release on Ropeadope Records. This seven song compilation has that rockin’ bluesy vibe everyone has been craving. I say compelling,because it is both visually and vocally captivating. Three tracks of the seven tracks are featured in Live from the Gibson Showroom series and the other four tracks will be released with videos. Dani Barbieri of Little Lou productions as art director for the release in its entirety, both directed, filmed and edited all seven videos. The first to be releases was “Train Trials” others are being released each week following.


Allbum cover photo by Dani Barbieri


“Train Trials” is the last track off of The 45 Homestead Project. Nicky’s inspiration came from her observations and experiences riding the subway in New York City, Nicky states-

“Living in New York City, you encounter just about every type of individual. The ‘subway etiquette’ is an interesting one, particular when it involves people soliciting you for money, food etc. which is usually does. You see people doing whatever they’ve got to do to make ends meet in a city where more often than not, the person next to you is grinding away at a part-time with a bigger goal in mind. It’s a city saturated with big dreams and ideas, and can bring people to their lowest of lows and highest of highs.With so much of that hustle surrounding us, sometimes we become immune to our own human emotions when we encounter these situations every day and that’s sort of what “Train Trials” is about.. The subway being the courtroom, the people being the jury, trying to sort out who’s the real deal, who’s not and who just needs that extra gesture of kindness that day. “

Check out “Train Trials” and get a feel for ‘sitting on the wrong track and waiting for the right time’ is all about.

If you dig this, CLICK HERE to grab a copy of The 45 Homestead Project today. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Track List:

1) Made a Fool of Me

2) I Tried

3) Left Unsaid

4) Rules Within

5) Say Anything

6) Just Fine

7) Train Trials