I recently had the opportunity to talk one on one with David Lovering of the Pixies about the band’s current tour with Robert Plant, working on new material, new bass player and being a magician.

Steve Gemmell: You guys are about to finish touring in support of you latest album “Indie Cindy” with a couple of shows with Robert Plant. As for the rest of 2015 you guys have only two festival shows lined up. Do you plan to take the rest of 2015 off for some much needed R&R or plan on hitting the studio to record some new material?

David Lovering: Well right now we are focused on finishing up the Robert Plant tour. We have been writing new songs that we have been testing on the road. We only actually played two of them so far on various days or as I should say nights. We’re pretty viable as a band having done “Indie Cindy”, we’ll definitely go into the studio again, as for timing though, I don’t know when that will happen.

SG:  Speaking of Robert Plant, you are about to go on tour with one of your idols and 1/4 of the Gods of Rock. How did this come all together?

DL:  Well we were on a plane over in England and there was an empty seat next to me, a gentlemen next to me by the window, I didn’t think anything of it. A conversation started about football, or should I say soccer with manager, myself and some other people. Then all of a sudden this guy chimes in and starts going on and on and it took me about 5 minutes, maybe longer to realize its Robert Plant!! I was like no way and what happened was he just chatted. We spoke the whole entire flight, all the way through the landing, out of the gate, all the way out of baggage, getting our bags to the parking lot. He was an absolute gentlemen and just a joy. To see someone I love as far as a band, as a musician, he was awesome. So a month later we get a phone call, so it was pretty cool.

SG:  So his people just called you or was it a personal phone from him saying “Hey I would love to tour with you guys!”?

DL:  I’m don’t know how it came, it’s usually through management. I should add also is what he did ask us what do you do and we said “We are the Pixies” and he goes “Oh Boston’s finest”. That right there, could of gone to heaven, that’s so crazy. So I guess he passed it along and we accepted. He haven’t opened for anyone since reuniting in 2004. This is the first time we supported anybody. So I cant think of anyone that’s more wild so this will be a joy.

SG:  Now I know its been a soft subject but with Kim’s (original bass player) departure from the band and now you have Paz Lenchantin filling in. Have you guys known her as in friends or did you recruit her based on her previous work in A Perfect Circle, Zwan or her solo stuff?

DL:  Well when we looking for a bass player Paz came in, Joe (guitar player of The Pixies) has known her, has worked with her before and I just known her from the bands she was in. And it just worked out, she’s fantastic. I think we have been very fortunate, the audience likes her, she is doing a fantastic job at what she does, the audience likes her, we love her, she is a joy to be around, she is funny, she speaks Spanish too. Like I said we are very fortunate about the situation losing Kim and adding Paz.

SG:  Well I’m glad to hear things are going great with her. Will the fans get a treat and her more from her on the next album or is it too early to tell?

DL:  No it’s wonderful, she is wonderful, she is being involved with working on new material and everything. We would love to but yeah I really haven’t thought that far and what not.

SG:  So besides your work with the Pixies, you’re a renowned magician. Did that start at an early age, as a kid or was that later on you got into it?

DL:  Well I did a little itty bitty bit of magic as a kid. But if you would of told me that currently, later in life that I would be a magician, I would of rolled around on the floor laughing. I went to a magic convention around 1994 with a fellow musician and friend who asked me to go somewhere in Los Angeles. I saw a trick that absolutely blew me away. From there I just had to buy every book, every video, take classes, join the Magic Castle. I did everything for years until I became a professional magician. I started doing shows, birthday parties, etc. You have heard the term starving musician? Well I would call the term “the dying magician” cause its not the wises career choice. I mean its a wonderful thing, built up a lot of confidence. I eventually built up a stage show, something grander. I’ve taken it on the road with The Pixies, The Breeders, gosh all over the place. It’s been good, its tough to do a stage show with the amount of Pixies touring and stuff like that but I do a lot of close up magic, you know in your face kinda magic. Which is cards, coins or common objects. Which I feel is much more stronger than a stage show.

SG:  Well thank you once again David for talking with me and Tri State Indie. Good luck with your show tonight and we look forward to seeing you guys in Philly.

DL:  It was my pleasure and we look forward to coming to Philly. Have a good one Steve.

The Pixies are performing at The Mann Center on June 17th with Robert Plant. Tickets are still available. [ TICKETS ]

Pixies in Boston, 1-18-14