As their ninth release, The Disco Biscuits really bring it with Otherwise Law Abiding Citizens‘ driving synths beautifully meshed with rhythm and complex guitar leads. They put away the mix of somewhat fist pumping and altpop-esque tunes from their 2009 LP “Planet Anthem” and returned a more electronica, jam-band, driving mashup with “Otherwise Law Abiding Citizens”. They combined some of their newer songs with favorites from live shows, hoping to provide that eargasm you get from live shows. Indeed, the 2011 release is just as diverse as the selection from “Planet Anthem”, yet on a completely different level.

Take Portal to an Empty Head, for example. Near the middle it breaks down into those almost hip-hop, dance beats but then smoothly jumps back into some complex guitar work. The album’s closer Lunar Pursuits brings you in slowly to an almost trip-hop euro dance mix, but is all of a sudden an island-beat tailored to absolute quite close.



I think I was most taken with the album’s opener, Great Abyss, a complex all-inclusive track that really sets the stage for the album. Flowing from dance to DJ mixes to jam bands and somewhat reggae beats, Great Abyss incorporates so may variations on a them you don’t realize it’s over ten minutes long. Shooting me back to the (2011) All Good Music Festival in West Virginia, The Disco Biscuits captivate you through both day and night: I can’t help but keep moving while sitting here at my desk, and last night on the drive home and my third straight-through listen of the album, couldn’t help but imagine riding my ninja motorcycle (that I don’t have) racing some fighter guns on some Tron-like synthetic world.

Once they really get going on an almost instrumental third track, Feeling Twisted has that flow you look for in an album: song to song, yet diverse enough to not wonder if you’ve heard the same song ten times over. I always look for carried themes from the beginning to end of an album, but without that surf-pop wonderment of the same chord patterns, strumming, and flow with only different words. The silky transition between Feeling Twisted and Bombs carries you through in one mentally captivated state to Portal to an Empty Head, which just picks up and keeps driving and pushing all the way to its orchestrated end, leaving you wanting and waiting for that next beat.

Available for download directly from their website, and for only $4.99, their 2011 release is worth more than just a look. A definite different direction from their 2009 LP, The Disco Biscuits’ Otherwise Law Abiding Citizens is certainly a catch. It’s certainly energetic and eclectic, conveying the feeling of a live show from one track to the next. It is another one of those albums you listen to the first time and think, “OK this is good”, but it’s not until a few times through that you really notice how complex and solid this album really is.