Dopapod @ The Blockley September 14th, 2011 by Kelly Wassinger

The crowd was bumping to the contagious sounds of Dopapod, a Boston-based experimental-funk band this past Wednesday at The Blockely in Philadelphia, Pa. You couldn’t help but move your feet as Eli Winderman (keyboard), Rob Compa (guitar), Chuck Jones (bass), and Neal Evans (drums) jammed out on stage turning out some of the funkiest tunes I’ve heard in a while. Glow sticks in hand, lights flashing to the music, fog machines, and just an overall party vibe from the audience kept the dance flowing all night. There was an interesting mix of old and young since the show was 18+, and although I personally prefer an older crowd, there were still enough familiar Blockley faces and good vibes to make the show a memorable one; and most Blockley shows are ones to be remembered. Followed by the crowd pleasing performances from Jeff Bujak a talented electronica-pianist from NY and Somata an incredible electro-jam band based in Philly, it wasn’t hard for the crowd to get pumped up for Dopapod.
Dopapod’s ability to successfully combine funk, jazz, trance, soul, and rock all into one genre shows just how vast the creativity of the band is, and that definitely all came out at this show. Performer Magazine describes Dopapod as “incredibly talented musicians,” and I believe they are on their way to establishing a solid place in the realm of experimental funk and electronic jam bands not just on the East Coast, but maybe even throughout the country. Things got even hotter when Jeff Lloyd, guitarist and vocalist for the Heavy Pets, was invited to jam out on stage for a bit, and even through a minor technical malfunction the band raged on. Looking through the crowd all I could see were smiles and nods of approval as Pink Floyd’s, “Time”, started to play, and that wasn’t even the encore, just a special treat towards the end of the show! Though, before you knew it, it was 2am and the crowd was slowly shuffling out the doors as they flicked on the lights, most of them I’m sure wishing that the show would go on all night.  Many will be back to the Blockely soon for more raging to the likes of EOTO, Conspirator, Rubblebucket, and Splintered Sunlight.