The NYC-based indie-pop band PARLOUR TRICKS will be releasing their debut album, BROKEN HEARTS / BONES, via Bar/None Records on June 23rd, 2015PARLOUR TRICKS has spent the last couple of years building a loyal fan base and wowing critics with their knockout three-part harmonies, lustrous melodies and chameleonic blend of pop and modern indie-rock that has been influenced by The Andrews Sisters and Vampire Weekend.

Lead singer and songwriter Lily Cato, bassist and synth player Brian Kesley, drummer Terry Moore and guitarist Angelo Spagnolo met in college and first played together on a whim when Cato decided to try her hand at songwriting. A few months later Cato asked Morgane Hollowell and Darah “DeeDee” Golub (also friends from college) to join when she realized that nearly every song she’d written was begging for three female voices. From there, the sextet has been inseparable.



As much as the band cares about creating evocative songs, they also want to ensure that each of their performances is a memorable experience for fans in other ways. “The music can speak for itself, but we want to offer something visually exciting in addition,” Cato says.  Matching clothing and synchronized dance moves might be as integral to a PARLOUR TRICKS show as the music but at the end of the day, making sure that everyone is having a blast both onstage and off is paramount to all six members.  Seeing as how the Village Voice named them 2014’s Best Pop Band in New York City, it seems like a mission accomplished.

Listen to some of their music here.

PARLOUR TRICKS will release BROKEN HEARTS / BONES on June 23rd, 2015 via Bar/None Records.


Track Listing:

1. Lovesongs

2. Gone

3. The Storm

4. Broken Hearts/Bones

5. Easy

6. Bukowski

7. Walk In The Park

8. Little Angel

9. When The Stars Went Out

10. Requiem


Tour Dates:

6.25            Mercury Lounge – CD RELEASE SHOW            New York, NY

6.26            Milkboy                                                                    Philadelphia, PA

6.30            Middle East (Upstairs)                                          Cambridge, MA