April showers welcomed local favorites, Pattern is Movement, back to Philadelphia on Thursday night for a SOLD OUT show at Boot & Saddle. Greeted with warm weather and a warm welcome, the local group returned from a long winter tour across the states and Canada to celebrate the release of their long-awaited self-titled album. The Philadelphia duo, longing for the City Of Brotherly Love, were all smiles as they took the stage with Brooklyn-based tour mates, Yellow Ostrich and local trio, Busses for a packed show in South Philly.

Busses @ Boot & Saddle

Busses @ Boot & Saddle | Photo: Andrew Wick

Busses set the night in motion with their pulsating bass lines and pound-the-floor drums, while guitarist Dave Brett, channeled his inner Robert Smith. Yellow Ostrich brought a different feel to the evening, weaving tight digital percussion, cosmic landscapes and feverish riffs from Stratocasters. Alex Schaff performed like a scientist on the microphone, vocalizing sweet melodies about nebulas, and looping his own harmonies with backup vocalist, Jared van Fleet. Michael Tapper occupied the venue with lofty beats from his electronic drum pad that had the crowd nodding with every drum kick. The New York band’s bondage of electronic and organic instruments over Carl Sagan-inspired lyricism was the proper preamble for the ethereal flight concert goers were about to launch on.

Yellow Ostrich @ Boot & Saddle

Yellow Ostrich @ Boot & Saddle | Photo: Andrew Wick

Pattern is Movement pushed the Boot & Saddle bodies further through the cosmic landscape Thursday. Running through a shifting jungle of Christopher Ward’s drum patterns, passengers latched on to Andrew Thiboldeaux’s vocal spaceship for a sonic voyage into another realm, only to crash back to Earth under the weight of Ward’s drum sticks. The duo jetted their fans through a mixture of past and present work, stopping briefly on Planet D’Angelo for their cover of his classic, “How Does it Feel?”. The lucky travelers in attendance answered that question by becoming a choir that sung along into the dimly lit room while grabbing their loved ones or their beverages. The expedition ended and the Philadelphia duo reminded fans how great it felt to be back home, while the fans thanked them for the voyage they had taken them on that night.

Pattern is Movement @ Boot & Saddle

Pattern is Movement @ Boot & Saddle | Photo: Andrew Wick


Photos by Andrew Wick