We survived the night and woke up to torrential downpours in our campsite.  Despite the rain the festival is still going full swing. With many entertaining acts due up for this afternoon: The Canadian Showcase, The Rockin’ Acoustic Circus, That 1 Guy, Butch Ross, Kyle Offidani, Scott Pryor & The Common Sinners, Cheers Elephant and that is just this afternoon.

As the sun sets on the 49th Folk Fest the main stage is going to heat up with the Great Groove Band, Joe Pug, Ian Matthews, Susan Werner with Natalie Zukerman & Trina Hamlin, Malinky, Rockin’ Acoustic Circus, The Subdudes and closing out the evening, Richard Thompson.

With all the music going down today we’re super excited.  We’re also taking time to enjoy the festivities organized in the campground.  This morning at high noon, we donned our rain slicks and took part in the annual water balloon fight.  We had insider information that there are upwards of 1,000 water balloons being produced all week long specifically for the battle today.  Mix a water balloon fight with a ton of rain and a folk festival and you get some pretty tasty results.

Enjoy the pics from this morning and check back later on today as we take in some tunes, soak up the festivites in the campground and have an all-around good folkin’ time.