The Philly Film & Music Festival’s concluded with an almost underwhelming BBQ at the Ukie Club on Sunday the 25th. Luckily for the people behind the event, and thankfully for all who attended from the beginning, it finally drew out the crowd that it deserved. I mean, how can it no with acts like The Head and the Heart and Good Old War?

Highlights of the afternoon included several Philly locals. Nicos Gun brought out the dance moves in their number 1 and 2 fans under the age of 10, and Jukebox the Ghost put on a great set, as expected. It even included a cheesy cover of “Power of Love” by Huey Lewis. I was especially looking forward to Reading Rainbow, as I had never seen them live. They sounded great AND I enjoyed their music. Double win.

Pine Mouth, an indie folk band from Brooklyn, was my most anticipated act inside the Ukie Club. Unfortunately, they were forced to transform their usual folk rock sound into more of an acoustic one. While I have nothing against acoustic bands, I would have loved to see them rock out like frontman Seth Kallen said they do at most shows. Oh well, at least I can say that I got a unique experience?

If you’ve even spoken to me about music, you know how obsessed I am with The Head and the Heart. Their album is great, but their live show is even better. They were certainly on their game Sunday night, with Charity’s vocals sounding better than ever. The most exciting part was when they played a new song, which started as a slight panic as I thought I somehow missed a previously released single or something. While it doesn’t yet have a name, just know that it sounded awesome and it means that they’re working on music for their second album. Yay!

Closing the night was one of Philly’s favorite local band Good Old War. Personally, I think I prefer The Head and the Heart, but I’m sure most of the fans there disagreed, as they all lit up with excitement when they took the stage. Probably referring to cigarettes (yeah, right…), one of them members said “smoke it if you got it!” You gotta love band/crowd interactions!

Photos by: Brandee Nichols, David Turcotte, George Miller