Steve Aoki at the Electric Factory

Words and photos by: Teresa McCullough

Steve Aoki, one of the most exciting live performers in the world, came to the Electric Factory last Thursday for Wired Fest III. Accompanied by Lil Jon, and Philly’s own Swizzymack, the energy got turnt up early in the night.


Philly’s own Swizzymack,

Lil Jon, known for his hit “turn down for what” with pretty much the craziest video ever (check it out if you haven’t yet) hit the stage, and the crowd lost it.


Lil Jon


Crowd at Electric Factory

After the cakes and the rafts were loaded up, Steve Aoki hit the stage. The EDM producer has been mad busy, from hanging out with Riff Raff getting his hair braided, to producing hit after hit touring the world, he found some time to stop in Philly where he always puts a wild show on for the candy kids.


Philly Crowd getting hype for Steve Aoki


Steve Aoki on stage in Philly 


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