Photography and Story by Steven Philips

October is always a great month for music in the Philadelphia area, and as Halloween approaches, my calendar always fills up with great shows.  Saturday night the 18th was a night of several shows in the area, and I feel like I made the right choice hitting up STS9 at the Tower.


For those fans of the band who haven’t gotten to see them yet this year, it may have been their first time seeing the band without David “Murph” Murphy.  Alana Rocklin has been with the band since March, and she not only seemed completely comfortable in the role, but was on point on both the old favorites, newer material, and covers.



I know there were some other Phish fans in the audience besides myself, and on behalf of most of us, we were thrilled with their choice of “First Tube“, a debut for Sound Tribe, as the second set opener.  It wove in and out of “Moonsocket”, not so much a mashup as a part one, part two of each song.


This set the tone for a high energy set which kept the crowd enthused, but when the band left the stage, I was definitely wanting more. The three song encore of “Pianoir”, “EHM” and “Breathe In” finished off a solid show.

Sound Tribe Sector Nine returns to Philly.