Way back in the heat of July, I got to see Pink Martini perform in the open air theater inside Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA.  The place is absolutely gorgeous and the setting was perfect.  The open air stage was filled with the musicians of Pink Martini.  They opened with Ravel’s “Bolero”.  The primitive, incessant rhythm of the piece caught the audience’s attention and never let go.  The band had a new singer, Storm Large, who was substituting for the ill China Forbes.  When she took the stage it was immediately obvious that Storm was going to give you the performance of a lifetime.  Ms. Large has a magnificent voice and she filled the outdoor space with her presence.  She commanded that you listen as she held you in awe.

It’s virtually impossible to categorize Pink Martini. They go from classical to pop to jazz to blues and every genre in between. Each musician is a talent is his or her own right and could easily shine in any venue.  Pink Martini and Longwood Gardens was a fantastic combination of nature and music.