Baltimore based cult favorites Polka Dot Cadaver will release their new record Sex Offender on Rotten Records May 10th. I get acquainted with the band via a couple of videos from  their first record Purgatory Dance Party. The songs are taut and memorable and the videos, especially for the song “Chloroform Girl” are fascinatng and disturbing at the same time. When I mention this to guitarist Jasen Stepp during our phone interview he laughs and says “we are a cheeky band, our songs are serious in nature but not in intent”.

I bring up Devo and as a possible reference and Jasen agrees. Polka Dot Cadaver grew from the ashes of the defunct band Dog Fashion Disco. “After Dog Fashion Disco fell apart, Todd Smith [vocals] and I decided to put a band together just to make records”, Jason explains. Things went so well they decided to become a touring band adding Dave Cullen on bass after the release of the first album. “Dave was not on the first record but is now a full member of the band and helped write and record Sex Offender“, Jason says. “We are a small band on a small label with a loyal following. I feel lucky for where we are right now.”

Polka Dot Cadaver play the Grape Room in Philly on April 17th and have a record relase party at the Ottobar in Baltimore on May 6th. For more details visit the bands’s web site or go to

See Polkadot Cadaver at The Grape Room on April 17th!

Philadelphia, PA

-pic from Polkadot Cadaver’s facebook