Polyvinyl Introduces Japan Relief Sale

Today is the last day of Polyvinyl’s sale to aid Japan in their struggle to rebuild after recent devastations due to natural disasters. The press release reads:

“As many of you are aware, there was and continues to be a great tragedy unfolding in Japan. The country suffered one of the largest earthquakes in recorded history, a tsunami which devastated the northern coast, and a nuclear disaster the scope of which is not yet fully understood.

The disruption to the Japanese way of life is beyond words and the extent of the destruction is unimaginable.

This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Polyvinyl will donate 5% of all gross mailorder revenue (including shipping) to World Vision’s Japanese relief fund.

The fund’s purpose is to provide water, blankets, and other urgently needed supplies to survivors. Ongoing efforts will focus on the unique needs of children, who are the most impacted.

Polyvinyl is also in the process of putting together a benefit compilation for digital release in addition to several benefit shows.

We encourage you to co-ordinate benefit shows in your own communities, to keep Japan in your thoughts, and to become informed with the events that are transpiring.

Together, we can make a difference.”

Support a great label raising money for a great cause.

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