Riding the wave off of their latest EP release, Leftovers, Cherub returns to the Trocadero in Philadelphia’s Chinatown district on January 29th, 2015. Having played three festivals around Philly last year, we sat down with Cherub to find out what will be different for them this year:

Cherub Heart Press Ford Fairchild - Resized

Q: When we talked at Made in America, you had mentioned you were still searching for a new video concept. A few month’s later your new video for “Strip To This” debuted and it looks like you had a lot of fun making it. Can you take us through the process of how the video happened?

A: Glad you saw it and enjoyed it! It was definitely a lot of fun. We had two days off on tour in Atlanta so we went to our engineer/producer/friends parents house and shot the whole thing in that time.  We got some girls from the Claremont lounge to help star in the video all thanks to our good friend Nathan and we just basically threw a party for two days. It was great!

 Q: Planning for a tour must be a little nerve-wracking, what are three things that each of you needs to have before you hop on the bus? 

A: Music gear, don’t forget that shit or the tour might not do so well. Extra pillows for your bunk. Three minimum. Lots of clothes so you can have a couple weeks before you have to do laundry.

Q: You’ve played a few shows around Philadelphia in the past year (Radio 104.5 show, Firefly, and then Made in America) what do you guys do to keep each set fresh?

A: We try to keep the sets as varied as possible and try to cover as many songs off each release as we can we the time we are alotted. We’ve put out so much material it’s hard to narrow it down

Q: You busted out a Calvin Harris cover for us at Made in America, can we expect any new covers on this tour?

We haven’t actually worked on a new cover. We have just been playing more of our stuff instead.

Q: Are there any tourist attractions you’re especially excited to see during your tour and do you have any plans for your visit to Philadelphia?

We don’t really go see tourist attractions on the road. What we look forward to the most is the show, hanging out with locals afterwards and having them take us to spots they love! We feel like we get to see way more of the city when we do that.​


Cherub headlines at the Trocadero this Thursday, January 29th with opening acts Mystery Skulls and Forte Bowie.

Check out their new video for “Strip to This” below: