Rock N Roll Resort V2: A Psybient Soiree will pop off this weekend at Kutcher’s Country Club in Monticello, New York. It will be the first stop on Spring tour for Shpongle, the headliner, and fans are really ready for this. Simon will play two Friday night sets – one as Shpongle, and one with HallucinogenLIVE. Alex and Allyson Grey will be live painting during the Shpongle presents the Masquerade, as well as with Ott on Saturday. There will be movie screenings as well – “DMT: The Spirit Molecule, as well as discussions with the film’s creator and the author and researcher. Conspirator will be playing along with many other psybient and electronic music bands.

I had the opportunity to speak with Shannon Plaquet, founder of Rock N Roll Resort about the upcoming festival. He is very excited and looking forward to an amazing time, as are all the fans. Having come from an area with virtually no live music, when Shannon discovered the scene after getting his drivers license, he immediately fell in love. But after going through some of the efforts it takes to get ready for and set up at camping festivals, he came up with an idea. Create an event at a hotel so the attendees can just ” pack a suitcase and show up”. And that’s just what he’s done, at one of the last remaining of the old line Catskills resorts. There are a variety of packages including tickets, accommodations, and even meals. I’ll be shooting photos so come say hi. And have an amazing time, as I know I will.