Friday night, or actually at 1:25am Saturday morning, Psychedelphia, one of the top jam bands in the area, will take the stage in Ottsville, PA at Tower Farm as part of the Jam At The Grove 5 lineup. I spoke with Kenn Mogel, lead guitar player about this upcoming gig. The whole band is looking forward to playing in front of a mixture of their home town audience as well as the new faces that are always a part of a festival like this.

Ken and the band play a lot of local shows in the Philly and Eastern PA area in a variety of venues, bars, clubs, and outdoor settings. Recently Psychedelphia played a special show covering Pink Floyd’s album Animals. But usually Psychedelphia’s shows consist of original music with one or two great covers added.

They have been on the road a lot, touring throughout the East Coast. “I’ve always said touring is the ‘make or break’ for any band, and I am grateful we never gave ‘break’ an option”, says Kenn. That’s always been a motivating factor for me. When you have a family that shows unconditional love and support for each other the road turns into more of a play ground than an overbearing work load. Fans take notice of your every action and element, and I think a large part of our success on the road is a result of people seeing how much we enjoy making music for them to enjoy. ”

I asked Ken about the festival scene. “It seems like every festival has its own unique energy that you normally can’t find in a club or a theater. We all have our own little cycle with that energy that manifests into our performances and it just turns into a big party. Its like a chance to show listeners who we really are, and without their energy we wouldn’t exist.”

Ken has played guitar for many years, and his earliest influence was Jimmy Page. “My dad gave me a bunch of Jimmy Page videos, and I just imitated him”. Other influences include Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Zappa, Garcia, Allman and “really every musician I see has an influence on me”, says Kenn. Psychedelphia has been together almost three years, and in 2010 released Paradigm, their album which is available at and on iTunes. They hope to put out another release in early 2012.

So enjoy their set Friday night at Jam At The Grove 5 in Ottsville, PA. There are more than 20 bands performing on Friday alone, including some of my favorite local acts like Wynrise, Flux Capacitor, Dirk Quinn Band, Papadosio and others. But Psychedelphia is my favorite of the bunch.