Review and Photos by Barry Lindenmuth jr

Rachel Platten & Tony Lucca at the Enoteca Win Bar In Woodstown, NJ

On a day that featured hurricane like rains and, a double rainbow, Rachel Platten and Tony Lucca, who specifically picked Woodstown,  jammed at the Enoteca Wine Bar on Auburn Road. Known mostly for it’s giant flea market called Cowtown which is also host to the famous Cowtown Rodeo, Woodstown is a relatively small place, and my hometown. So when I heard that Rachel Platten was gonna be at Enoteca I jumped at the chance to be at the show! Plus they have really great wine!!

I learned quite a bit chatting with Rachel before the show. She practices Buddhism, which has a lot to do with her happy go lucky spirit.  After our chat, and posing for pictures with fans in front of the double rainbow, Rachel Platten took the stage.  Singing songs from her album Be Here, Rachel and her enlightening spirit definitely impressed the crowd. During our chat Rachel told me “I just want people to be happy, and uplifted when they hear my music”. Songs like “Nothing Ever Happens”, which simply states you have to take some chances in life in order to see better results, is a great song to help you when you can’t make a decision. My favorite part of her set came when she sang “Don’t Care What Time It Is” due to the fact that she busted out the “BeatBox”.  Her “beatbox” was way better than mine ever was so, I was a little jealous, but I still loved it!

Tony Lucca with his bluesy style was very impressive. I hadn’t heard much of his music, so I was curious to see how he was live. I’d definitely say I am now a huge fan. During a song that was unfinished, he threw in a little of Oasis’s “Wonderwall”, which was awesome. Not because thats one on my favorite songs, but he took a classic and put his own little touch on it. Mr. Lucca and his band mates make great music together, and I will keeping my ear to the ground for more of their stuff!!