Remember that devastating hurricane we got last month? You know, that big brat named Irene? Well it messed with some local live music, which is certainly not okay in my book. Anyway, the show that was supposed to be at Sigma Sound Studios got relocated to Johnny Brenda’s, which is fine, except it cut down the amount of free booze. Oh well, at least there was still unlimited free VITAMINWATER!

Cat Vet opened the show, and I’m still trying to figure out what happened. I felt like I was in someone’s garage, minus the smells and cramped space. It was clear even this early in the show that each band was responsible for their own audience members. Next up was The Homophones, who I’ve been meaning to check out for some time. I was very intrigued by the time they were done setting up, as they had ghost balloons and a skull piñata. Halloween came a little early I guess! I’m not sure if I chose the best time to see them for the first time, as they apparently played a bunch of new stuff to sort of test the waters. I was told that their usual stuff isn’t as calm. Rounding out the lineup was one of my new favorite local bands, Reading Rainbow. As usual for a late weeknight show, not everyone stuck around for the last act. Too bad for them! RR was the best of the night, by far. Hopefully Mother Nature will reconsider messing with Philly music on a weekend. Check out some pics below.