Boombox lit up Union Transfer on Saturday night for all of the Phantogram leftovers, Sound Tribe ravers, and jam scene regulars. Playing after Phantogram‘s early set, the duo from Alabama brought their Filling In The Color tour to Philadelphia. Producer and DJ, Russ Randolph with longtime collaborator and guitarist, Zion Rock Godchaux make up the duo and former Blockley regulars.


Boombox jamming out at Union Transfer (Photo: Andrew Wick)

Playing in largers venues has always been a blessing for Boombox, whom were able to bring their full lighting set up, live drums, and opening DJ, Ramona, along with them for their late night show. It also gave concert goers some much needed dancing room as they’re the sort of band that you won’t be able to sit still for; a generous blend of deep house, blues and funk. Glowing in blue-led lights and backed by strobes, the duo played a two hour set and led a festive Fall dance party for all in attendance. During one particularly long jam, Zion took a seat to play slide guitar, while Russ took to the live drums for an especially energetic round of jam. Only briefly interrupting the set for guitar tuning and hits of their vaporizers, the musicians from Muscle Shoals led an all-out rager, playing their extended versions of hits like “Showboat” and “Midnight on the Run” before closing out with crowd-favorite “Stereo”.