Underground Arts turned into a disco on October 26th when Capital Cities stopped by to drop their dance anthems to a packed warehouse full of eager fans. Some may have dreaded the last minute venue change from the previously booked Electric Factory, but the relocation to a more  intimate setting was refreshing as each band was able to easily fill the space with their anthems and pounding rhythms. Capital Cities embraced the venue change, filling it with lights, boom boxes, and gifts for their faithful fans. The band from Los Angeles ushered along fellow West Coast musicians,  Night Terrors of 1927 and local Philadelphia favorites, City Rain to round out the bill.


City Rain performing at Underground Arts (Photo: Andrew Wick)

City rain opened the show with a solid set of striking anthems. Their electronic pop resembles a minimalist version of U2 or David Byrne with occasional moments left for head banging. Lead singer, Ben Runyan commanded the stage and led the crowd into many sing alongs, including their hit song, “ The Optimist” and a broken down, disco version of “Thriller” by Michael Jackson sung with raspy vocals. Runyan’s command of the crowd and guitarist Scott Cumpstone’s stage presence built an energy in the crowd that carried throughout the night.

Night Terrors of 1927 (Photo: Andrew Wick)

Night Terrors of 1927 (Photo: Andrew Wick)

Night Terrors of 1927 complimented City Rain’s energy extremely well. Jarrod Gorbel sung mostly all of the set from the pit and it seemed like most in the crowd knew all of their songs as well. They’re gloomy, bass heavy rock was a nice change of pace while still keeping the energy at high levels.

Capital Cities performing "Love Away" at Underground Arts (Photo: Andrew Wick)

Capital Cities performing “Love Away” at Underground Arts (Photo: Andrew Wick)

After all, this was going to be a dance party and Capital Cities did not disappoint. Having two vocalists belting out choruses with the the added trumpet of Spencer Ludwig really adds something to their synthesizer-heavy pop songs. Backed by an arch of spinning lights, the group launched into their hits “I Sold My Bed, But Not My Stereo” and the Bee Gees’ cover, “Stayin’ Alive” as well as their cover of “Love Away”. At one point in the night, they took the time to simmer down and hand out a few gifts to the fans in the front rows. They said they wanted to share a few albums that they found influential and be gifted a vinyls, such as “Thriller” and a Danny Osmond record. The ended the show with their big hit, “Safe and Sound” before coming out to a high-energy encore that had everyone dancing to their latest single, “Farrah Fawcet Hair”.

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