Recap: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah At Union Transfer

I arrived at the building formerly known as Spaghetti Warehouse around 7pm for the opening of the Philly’s newest music venue, Union Transfer. The building certainly has character, along with three different bars. The unfortunate aspect is that drinks cannot be taken on the main floor, but, other then that, it is certainly a wonderful place to see a concert.

After a great set from the opening act, Polica, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah hit the stage. The group opened with the instrumental track, “Sunshine and Clouds” from their self-titled debut. After getting set up, frontman Alec Ounsworth led the band into a fantastic proper opener “Same Mistake” from their latest album Hysterical. The energy from this song got the crowd more involved in the show. It was clear that the band was not going to dissapoint during the grand opening of Union Transfer.

“You look like David Bowie, but you’ve got nothing new to show me” sings Ounsworth in the excellent track “Over and Over Again,” which certainly brought me back to 2005. The band pulled this tune out early in the set. Bassist Tyler Sargent played the song with perfection, providing a foundation that made this song so rememberable.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah continued to display their live energy for most of the night, playing a balance of tunes from each album. For a group that has been on hiatus for some time, the chemistry that the members of this band display is quite miraculous. Clap Your Hands proved that the opening night of Union Transfer would be one to remember. Check out the setlist below:

  1. Sunshine and Clouds (And Everything Proud)
  2. Same Mistake
  3. Over and Over Again (Lost and Found)
  4. Gimme Some Salt
  5. Hysterical
  6. In This Home On Ice
  7. Ketamine and Ecstasy
  8. In a Motel
  9. Details of the War
  10. The Witness’ Dull Surprise
  11. Satan Said Dance
  12. Misspent Youth
  13. 13 Maniac
  14. Is This Love?
  15. The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth
  16. Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood
  17. ——encore break——
  18. Adam’s Plane
  19. Heavy Metal



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