What happens when a hardcore band hailing from Buffalo, New York comes to Reading, PA? How about one of the best live shows you will ever see and that is an understatement.

Using a day off of their current tour with The Used, Every Time I Die decided to throw a show/party at Reverb, which is a smaller club but a perfect setting for their style of performance. Coming along with them was fellow touring mates Marmozets and The Eeries.

So what makes an Every Time I Die show so intense? Well for starters they don’t do barriers. That means fans are free to join them on stage, crowd surf, stage dive and even join singer Keith Buckley on some vocals. The band are so appreciated of their fans and want them to be a part of their electric live show. At times guitarist Jordan Buckley would take a break from shredding to pull fans up on stage and join in the insanity. It’s a pleasant surprise to see a band who is on a major independent label, Epitaph, be so open to their fans. The respect level between band and fans is at an all time high.


From the opening number, “No Son of Mine”, Every Time I Die came out with pure energy and intensity. The double threat of guitarists Andy Williams and Jordan Buckley trading back and forth riffs is a signature sound of Every Time I Die. Coming from the newly acquired drummer, Daniel Davison (Ex. Norma Jean and Underoath), the opening thunderous beat of “Decayin With The Boys” sent the crowd into a frenzy.

During a fan favorite, “The New Black”, the band asked every fan to join them on stage to help sing along. The stage was so crowded it was difficult to find room to take photos of the monumental event. Singer Keith Buckley slowed things down a bit and I do mean a bit with the piano driven tune “Moor”. He took a break from his usual swinging of the mic, running back and forth on stage. This time he was standing in front of the crowd with mic on the stand singing. This break did not last long as the band joined in and Keith went back to what he does best.


Every Time I Die finished their set with an encore that included “Wanderlust” and as many fans on stage than it could hold. At one point Jordan Buckley finished the song by playing a top of large speaker just to make more room for the audience.

The band proved once again that they are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to their live show. I dare any band to try and top their amount of energy and ferocity. If you have a chance to check them out at your local club I highly recommend it. Just brace yourself for one hell of a ride.