Photos By Teresa McCullough
Words By Fredric Fresh

December in Philly is usually marks the start of some sharp winter nights. Last sunday was no exception. Crazy cold outside, with a dash of wind. Time to hit the TLA right?

Any resemblance to the outside world melted away as soon as I walked through the door. Clockwork Indigo, (Flatbush Zombies + The Underachievers) was like stepping into an alternate universe in which record executives never discover hip hop. Fans are who they are, regardless of their cultural background. The artists are real people who are just extra dope at what they do. And everyone is puffing on herb shuttles.

If perception is reality, this was a brave new world. Even if you weren’t a fan, it would have been tough to deny the overall level of raw hype shared by the acts and the audience. The Underachievers came through with a tight lyrical delivery. The system was proper and the beats were saturated in a boom bap yet almost wavy vibe. Without a doubt the perfect compliment to the wild energy brought by the Flatbush Zombies. Everyone was pulling their weight that night.

There were some stand out moments, as well as a few subtle ones that really helped tie the experience together. Some amazing high points included the visuals. Tons of clips from Clockwork Orange to tie in the overall feel of the collab tour. Also stopping the show in the middle to pull a bunch of girls on stage to this beat that sounded like space lust italian horror RnB. As well as a stage dive from the second floor of the TLA by one of the dudes from Flatbush Zombies. RBS – Real Brave Shit.