The bass from the speakers of the Electric Factory could be heard from three blocks away on Halloween night. Flowing through the venue’s entrance, all of the ghouls, goblins, and PLUR babies you can imagine were ready for a special night with The Glitch Mob. The industrial electronica band, which consists of Boreta, Ooah, and Edit, pulled out all the stops that night as they pummeled the walls of the Electric Factory with their witchy vibes.

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The Glitch Mob’s Halloween Entrance (Photo: Andrew Wick)

Concert-goers were dressed to impress as well. The whole gallery of Star Wars characters, including the sad sap forced to be a Jawa, could be seen in the lower drinking section dancing with Elsa and a sexy Sub-Zero. There was also an abundance of Waldos to be found, but no matter what the costume, everyone was ready to dance.

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The Glitch Mob performing at the Electric Factory (Photo: Andrew Wick)

The Glitch Mob is a bit different from other electronic acts, as they aren’t simply pressing “play” on their laptop. Armed with several midi-pads, large glowing drums, and their own custom instrument “The Blade”, the Mob are able to improvise far more than that DJ who just raises his arms in the air on occasion. For the holiday, they featured rowdy renditions of The Prodigy’s “Breathe With Me” and Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” that had the whole room raging.

The Glitch Mob raging on Halloween (Photo: Andrew Wick)

The Glitch Mob raging on Halloween (Photo: Andrew Wick)


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