On Monday night the world stopped for a few hours. At Union Transfer, Little Dragon was the only place that existed and the crowd was transformed.

Shy Girls opened up the night. Dan Vidmar’s liquid smooth vocals serenaded the die hard fans. Through the blood curdling screams and coo’s of the girls in the front row, the band delivered a set so sexual, the crowd was turned on from start to finish.

Shy Girls | Photo By Megan Matuzak

Shy Girls | Photo By Megan Matuzak

In a fuzzy white and pink skirt Yukimi Nagano emerged from back stage to a roar from the eager and hungry crowd. Little Dragon started off their set with “Mirror”, the first track off of Nabuma Rubberband, a shadowy song in tone and in no way reflective of the way the rest of the set would unravel. It didn’t just unravel, it exploded.

“We are a long way from home so we are going to play some songs we haven’t played in a long time,” Nagano said.

Little Dragon’s set is nothing like it was back in 2009.  Since the band’s earliest beginnings it would seem like they hit the ground running. On Monday night, enticing revivals of older songs like “Crystalfilm” and “Precious”.  The treasures the band have in their repertoire blended well with their more recent, bass heavy focus in Nabuma Rubberband.

Nagano gyrated and convulsed wildly, making everyone believe that she had been possessed by some unseen spirit or, perhaps, the very music Little Dragon creates.  Her face gleamed with anticipation as she introduced “Ritual Union”, a title track from 2009.  The crowd lost their minds and Nagano cut out to let the crowd sing a line of the song, loudly, all by themselves.

Little Dragon |Photo By Megan Matuzak

Little Dragon |Photo By Megan Matuzak

The crowd pounded the stage with open palms, demanding an encore from Little Dragon.  The band started their three song encore with the title track, “Nabuma Rubberband” off their new album.  But nothing seemed to compare when the crowd grew quiet for the last song.

As the first few chimes of “Twice” rang out into Union Transfer, the crowd was suddenly transfixed.  “Twice” is a song that seems to mean something to everyone and nothing was more apparent than that Monday night.  Again Nagano turned the microphone to the crowd, who sang the words to the song so loudly it echoed throughout the whole place.

“We should play Philly more,” she said.

Why yes, yes you should Little Dragon.