Dillon Francis is currently on his Money Sucks Friends Rule (MSFR) Tour 2014 in celebration of his extremely successful newest album. This past Friday, Nov. 21, Francis brought his killer tunes to Washington, D.C., at the infamous Echostage; joining him for this particular show was Hoodboi and TJR.

To no surprise, the show was sold out. Echostage is DC’s newest and largest nightlife concert venue. Between a sprawling 30,000 plus sq. ft. layout, top-tier sound design and advanced LED visual displays, you can believe it was packed with hundreds of people all awaiting Dillon’s opening! This was one of the first times I have ever had to wait in a line, hundreds of feet away from the venue, in order to get checked and inside, this process alone took about 15 minutes.

Dillon Francis Press Shot 2, Photo Credit_ Shane McCauley

Dillon Francis

Once I got inside, I heard TJR setting the mood with a set much like his Ultra Music Festival one (but I have no complaints). It was important to keep in mind not to use all of my energy before Dillon made his appearance. About 40 minutes later, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Dillon stepped onto the colorful mountain-esque stage and the crowd went wild– you could definitely tell his Money Sucks Friends Rule album brought fans from all different backgrounds and that have never experienced a Francis show previous to this one–and man were they in for a ride.

Dillon opened up with a special made mix just for Echostage, and boy was it amazing–extremely bass heavy and really dug into his moombahton roots. As expected, the majority of tracks played were remixes off his newest album. As per usual, Dillon’s signature dolphin sounds and beautifully composed light show, he used colors reflecting the cover of the Money Sucks Friends Rule album, pinks, yellows, greens and blues. Lucky for me, he played his newest released remix off the album, Drunk All The Time- The Rebirth, and it was even more glorious in real life. This show was very different from the other shows I have attended that featured Dillon, he really focused on going back to his moombahton roots–probably for the newer audience his Money Sucks Friends Rule album attracted. Dillon ended his show with a dirty remix of his *noted* favorite track off his MSFR album, Love in the Middle of a Firefight–surprising because it was a slow mellow vibe, not usually how he ends his sets but it was beautifully done and I couldn’t imagine the set being ended any other way.

Francis really reached out and covered almost every sub genre under the EDM umbrella with this new album and tour, if he would choose to play the exact same set for the rest of his MSFR tour, I don’t think anyone would be disappointed. Dillon is one of the most versatile DJs I have ever thoroughly enjoyed– I can honestly say there has not been a track that I have disliked. Kudos to him for being so successful and gaining the worldwide recognition he did through his newest productions.

Dillon Francis Press Shot 3, Photo Credit_ Shane McCauley

Dillon Francis