Thursday night at the Electric Factory was the best #tbt to date. Motion City Soundtrack brought Commit This To Memory, originally released in 2005, to center stage. When they dove into “Everything Is Alright” and “L.G. FUAD”, it was like no time had lapsed, the crowd still knew every word. The album, played from top to bottom, was the most infectious reminder of everything held dear about Motion City Soundtrack and why they are here to stay.

Judging from the age of the crowd, Commit This To Memory dropped when they were in high school, when emotions are high and the hormones are racing. The album always felt like a verbal embodiment of certain apathy that teens living in the post-911 America needed: it was catchy and satirically self-deprecating but didn’t treat you like a child. Commit This To Memory wasn’t necessarily an escape but a means to cope and that’s why the Electric Factory was packed. The album still resonates today.

“I have about 13 stories and I feel like I have told all of them,” Justin Pierre, frontman, said.

But stories, he had. They tied in so well and the crowd was chomping at the bit for every inter-band back massage or comedic reiteration of the band’s travels. From a story about the Mitch Hedberg film-gas station New Years (appropriately before “Together We Will Ring In The New Year”) to laying under a piano to record the vocals for “Hold Me Down”, the band’s favorite on the album and also, an identifiable break up letter, the story of an album came to life.

Most of the songs on Commit This To Memory are on the shorter side, which allowed the foursome to sprinkle in equally catchy and popular songs from their other albums like “This Is For Real” from Even If It Kills Me and the surprise encore Thursday night, “My Favorite Accident”, off of their prolific debut I Am The Movie. And, of course, My Dinosaur Life, an album that reestablished their eccentric stride, was savored through “A Life Less Ordinary”.

Pierre informed the crowd of a new album (hopefully) coming out later this year. To tease the crowd in the midst of an uncertain release date, Motion City Soundtrack played “Anything At All”, which has a certain flavoring of Commit This To Memory and Even If It Kills Me. It’s all the self-depreciation of Commit This To Memory with the melody-driven tracks of Even If It Kills Me. But for now, the crowd at Electric Factory and Motion City Soundtrack fans a like will have to wait

“Thank you for coming, it let’s us do this for a living,” Pierre said wholeheartedly.