Punk rock on a Monday night? Yeah, why not.

Since 1976 UK punk rock veterans, The Vibrators have been known as one of the pioneering bands to grace the scene for the past 37 years. On Monday, October 6th at The Legendary Dobbs on South Street, Philadelphia, the fact-paced trio delivered nothing less than the expected old and new hits with unfringed style and gusto.

One of the original founding members, hard-hitting drummer John ‘Eddie’ Edwards shared vocals with raucous guitarist Darryll Bath, bringing us both the old and new gems with tight timing and indefatigable delivery. “Judy says (Knock You in the Head)” and “London Girls” brought the small but fanatic crowd to full swing, while “Whips and Furs” and “Troops of Tomorrow” even gave in to a couple older punks moshing on the floor (if that’s even what you want to call it these days).


Although The Vibrators are known for having a more melodic and elated tone in their songs than say their UK peers the Sex Pistols, they still embrace the gritty guitars, snarling faces, and rapid downbeats  (and yes, they did play with the Pistols). The highlight of the evening was the performance of the popular “Automatic Lover,” the only Vibrators’ single to reach the UK Top 40, and the Eddie Cochran sounding ,“Baby Baby.” They ended the night with the punchy “The Kids a Mess” complete with staunch guitar solo and quick but flawless tempo change mid-song.

The band members played a full hour set, with several local opening bands including Philly punk favorites, Clashing Plaid. There was a limited following of fans at the venue that night for being one of the first punk bands, but I’ll just chalk that up to it being a Monday night. The Vibrators show no sign of slowing down with a full world tour currently underway and a new album, “Punk Mania,” that was released in September of this year.