The Australian Pink Floyd Show at the Sands Casino, Bethlehem, PA 10/14S00_0581 (1)

Photography by Steven Philips, story by Scott Burmun

Australian Pink Floyd is like no other tribute band I’ve ever seen. The band members have gone above and beyond to pay attention to all the details to put together an amazing show. Using much of the same equipment the original band did they also had an amazing light show, great backup singers, and just the right amount of flare to make the show a must see for true Pink Floyd fans.

The event center at the Sands Casino in Bethlehem, PA is a beautiful new venue for a concert, and one of many casino stops on this Set the Controls tour. Built just a couple of years ago, and expanded this year, the 14,000 sq’ space seats just over 2,000, and the sound was excellent throughout the room, which includes luxury suites on the mezzanine. Set on former Bethlehem Steel land on the South side of town, concertgoers had many options for shopping, dining, drinking, and gambling both before or after the concert.


The band opened with the key player, Jason Sawford, and featured an excellent solo by the saxophonist Mike Kidson with an appropriately pink sax. The first set featured “What do you want from me” into what really kicked the show up a notch “Clocks.” Then onto the girls with a little background music the backup singers introduced themselves with a little OO’s and Ah’s that would give you chills. Then came “Money” with Mike Kidson strutting out in a purple suit played a great couple of bars with the right amount of theatrical swagger. The two lead guitarists, Steve Mac and David Domminey Fowler, also exchanged some back and forth soloing. The set was closed out with the ever popular “Another brick in the wall.”

Alex Mcnamara did an excellent job all night taking on most of the vocals while Colin Wilson was on the Bass. Paul Bonney kept the beats hot on a custom made drum set made by the local Bucks County Drum Company.


The second set kicked off with “Pigs” and “Set the Controls for the heart of the sun” which included a great ominous organ/key riff into a grungy bass drum beat highlighted with a gong. Followed up by “Young Lust” into “Division Bell” where Steve Mac busted out the steel guitar. The tempo and crowd picked up with “Hey You” and so did the light show. “Wish You were here” featured pictures of the original Pink Floyd band on the video screen appropriately followed by the Aussie Pink Floyds logo. The intensity kept building with “One of these days” and a surprise giant jumping kangaroo. The show closed out with “Comfortably Numb” and an encore of “Run Like Hell.” It’s interesting that they end their show with the same song that the Disco Biscuits covered as the opener for City Bisco two weeks ago.