Bergen, Norway’s Young Dreams‘ album, Between Places, was released in the US on March 5th and can be purchased through iTunes or Amazon.

The band is a psychedelic electro-pop outfit, making songs that sound like electronic Beach Boys or Vampire Weekend at times.

Between Places track listing:

1.) “Footprints”217--217--imagefarm-releases-3867-1MCTTLha6sQ0NMF
2.) “Wounded Hearts Forever”
3.) “Fog of War”
4.) “First Days of Something”
5.) “When Kisses are Salty”
6.) “Dream Alone, Wake Together”
7.) “The Girl That Taught Me to Drink and Fight”
8.) “Through the Turnstiles”
9.) “Young Dreams”


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The album starts out with the dreamy track “Footprints.” This song begins with a driving drum beat, ambient synths, and echoing vocals. It’s fairly repetitive until the chorus breaks out and introduces the listener to a much more tropical sounding and flavorful beat and the a catchy vocal part that sounds very much like it belongs in a Vampire Weekend song. Overall, it’s a pretty good song with a very good chorus.

“Wounded Hearts Forever” is another very surreal, dream-like track (you’ll quickly realize that this is common on the album). The chorus, which is really most of the song, consists of a call-and-response dynamic between a falsetto voice and that of the lead singer. The vocals in this song sound particularly like the Beach Boys.

“Fog of War” is a pretty epic sounding song at times. Huge drums roar in the background of the chorus and there are even some orchestral parts, which Young Dreams are very good at composing and applying to their songs when they choose to.
Listen for yourself,

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Also check out the fourth song, “First Days of Something,” a song that features a catchy guitar hook with the chorus that is very welcome among the mostly synth laden songs,

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“Dream Alone, Wake Together” begins with what actually sounds like the transition into a dream. It’s a very pleasant song and one of the strongest on the album. It is very dynamic, utilizing a lot of beats and music and vocal parts.

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“The Girl That Taught Me to Drink and Fight” is by far the longest track on the album, being 10 minutes and 53 seconds long. Young Dreams uses this time well, however, making it sound like multiple different songs that fit well together rather than one long one. The tone, tempo and instrumentation changes throughout the song. The best parts are purely instrumental, using synths to create a very full and satisfying atmosphere.

“Turnstiles” begins with a long, slow synth intro and then turns into a pleasant, bright song. It eventually sounds very much like a Vampire Weekend song in its rhythm.

The album ends with “Young Dreams,” a very fitting song to end with. The tone is bright and hopeful and is ultimately very satisfying. It opens with guitar and then picks up into what the listener has become accustomed to listening to the band. Vocal harmonies and great drum beats are plentiful in this song.

As a whole, Between Places was pretty good, it wasn’t great in my opinion, but it was by no means bad.
Some of the songs felt like they went on a little too long and got boring, but most of the tracks mixed it up enough to keep it interesting to listen to. Young Dreams is strongest when using very bright and fun drum beats and when they are doing instrumental parts. These sections really shine through and make the album fun.
If you’re into psychedelic and electronic bands, I definitely suggest checking out Between Places.