We’ve been following this story since the beginning. On so many levels this is just wrong. Pointing fingers, using drugs and booze as an excuse, talking around the topic at hand while totally shitting on a legend. Pay Marvin Gaye’s family what you owe them already. Stop digging the whole deeper.

More on this story from our friends at Consequence of Sound:

Meanwhile, in his deposition, Williams said he was in the “driver’s seat” of “Blurred Lines” and accepted the notion that the song is his. However, Williams refuted claims that he intended to make a song similar to Gaye’s music. There was also a part of the deposition in which Williams is asked if he can read music. However, when asked to identify certain notes, Williams repeatedly responded, “I’m not comfortable,”


This, right here, puts it all in prospective.

One of the world’s most renowned producers [Pharrell] can’t tell the difference between a minor chord and a Dominant 7th, something that you learn the first week in music theory class. It’s like a doctor not knowing the difference between your ears and your eyes. A musical illiterate has the nerve to tell people they would understand he didn’t steal Marvin’s song if they read music. And we wonder why today’s music is shit?”

Full Article: http://nicholaspayton.wordpress.com/2013/09/13/an-open-letter-to-pharrell-williams-blurred-lines-vol-3/

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