I spent my day listening to Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World star, Sabrina Carpenter‘s debut album, Eyes Wide Open, on my best friend – Spotify. The album dropped today on Hollywood Records, the record label of Disney Channel kids. Don’t “x” out of this post just yet.

Photo from Sabrina Carpenter's Facebook

Photo from Sabrina Carpenter’s Facebook

With the 15-year-old actress co-writing a handful of the tracks on the album, I went in not knowing what to expect. Was this just going to be an annoying teenie pop album that I will regret listening to? Nope. Carpenter surprised me with an acoustic sound that attributes her vocal ability. And girl’s got an awesome, unique, captivating voice that makes me jealous.

Taking the road untraveled by any other Disney Channel actor, Eyes Wide Open is full of inspirational, feel-good, simple jams that one would not know came from such a young talent. There were no songs that in my head I could picture a corny back-up dancer routine happening to and it made me want to cry tears of joy. I appreciate her taking on a style of music that showcases her skills as an artist.

As a 23-year old I will proudly jam out to this album. Check out Eyes Wide Open here or her single “We’ll Be the Stars” below!